Hottest boots for winter 2015

It cames highly enjoyable moment of the year in which we review the most interesting and spectacular designs of boots, ideal for autumn / winter today.

Although the task of making a top of the most coveted pieces this season is proving to be quite difficult, since the proposals of footwear are extremely generous and at times, bewildering, I will propose a selection of models which will take place on .

Following presentations of collections for autumn / winter 2013 -2014, we noted at the outset 2 pairs of boots: the proposed nude Celine extremely molded foot (Like sock) and punk-influenced Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel proposed. There are two models of reference for this season, which then served as the starting point of many other brands inspirational, more or less accessible to a classic budget.

As you probably already guessed, winter will be dominated by models extra long boots, over the knee. What's new approach this time of boot-sock very molded foot, which gives the impression of a collar. Leather, suede, latex or lycra, boots become again as long as possible must have piece of the season autumn / winter.

Of course for those who still dare to wear a pair of fancy boots or those who are not advantaged by such a model, we reserve proposals footwear designers enough surprises for one season in height.

Boots with classic length, below the knee, the tip sharper as the years pass, returning our attention with a special color palette. Shades of burgundy, beige, khaki or navy are the list of preferences, along with classic black, always present in any wardrobe season.

Heels are also the significant difference being propuseîn variants retro rectangular, smart-casual, small-medium heights, ideal for urban incursions, and in Whose version.

Series models must-have this time not missing any boots, boots, cold weather indispensable, very practical and convenient. With only a few cm heel, lace or zipper boots are again brought into the limelight and are more present than ever in the fall / winter 2013-2014 .

Regarding low boots, game rules remain almost unchanged. Classical models, the leg to the knee or above the knee, neutral and versatile color variations, compose proposals palette of the season.

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